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Edit a Shift

  • Open the Entered Shifts - Calendar View, if it is not already open, by pressing F2.
    Edit a shift page2, image1
  • Select the desired month and year using the controls at the top of the form. To edit a shift, click on the day where the shift appears (anywhere but the yellow square, which adds a new shift).
    Edit a shift page2, image2
  • This brings up a Day Detail. This form expands the day selected and shows all the shifts scheduled for the day. Click on the shift that you want to edit.
    Edit a shift page2, image3
  • On the Edit Shift form, edit the shift fields as needed. As with the Add Shift form, enter the shift start and stop times, in a HHMM, 24 hour format (such as 1730 for 5:30 pm). To save changes, choose Save & Exit. To abandon changes, choose Exit Form.

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