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Welcome to Staffing Logbook 2020
Windows based, staff scheduling software

Take a closer look at some Staffing Logbook 2020 features:

Intuitive Calendar View of Staffing Logbook lists all scheduling for each month.

Calendar View of Entered Shifts

  • Filter unfilled shifts for ease of scheduling.
  • Different colors used to help spot special conditions.
  • Lists employee or client first for complete control.

List View of Entered Shifts

Use the List View to sort your shifts by:

  • Client Name
  • Employee Name
  • Date of Shift
  • Time of Shift
  • Type of Assignment

Easy to find the information you want and need.

List View of Staffing Logbook lists all scheduling for each month.

Multiple Reports helps you organize all facets of your scheduling business.

Reports - Printed or Emailed

Know the status of your business with special reports.

  • Client Contact Report
  • Employee Contact Report
  • Employee Call Log
  • Users Listing
  • and More

Additional Features

  • Add a ‘Batch’ of Shifts feature - adds multiple shifts quickly and accurately.
  • Fill a ‘Batch’ of Shifts feature allows you to fill shifts with lightning speed.
  • Automated telephone dialer saves valuable time and eliminates dialing errors.
  • Multiple phone numbers allowed for each staff person or client.
  • Custom ‘Call Centers’ to record calls made and replies.
  • Easily email schedules to medical staff.
  • Automate your backup after every session to help protect your data.
  • Capability for multiple Groups and Users to accomodate company growth.
  • New - Post a list of available shifts to your web site.
  • New - QuickBooks interfacing.
  • New - Drag and drop shifts to new days for easy duplication.
  • New - Create invoices in QuickBooks.
  • New - Scroll the Day Detail window to other dates.
  • New - Added the ability to filter the main calendar by client and/or employee.
  • New - Added the full client address in the Client record.
  • New - Added the full mailing address to the Employee record.
  • New - Added a ‘ToDo’ list to the File menu.
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