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Welcome to Staffing Logbook 2020

Welcome to Staffing Logbook 2020, the system designed exclusively for medical staffing agencies. With Staffing Logbook, you can easily manage filling your medical shifts with your staff of medical professionals.

Some of the outstanding features of Staffing Logbook 2020:

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Both a Calendar View and List View of scheduled shifts.
  • Ability to filter the Calendar View to show unfilled shifts only.
  • Different colors used to help spot special conditions.
  • One click ‘Quick Reports’ to see the current week’s commitments.
  • Easily email schedules to medical staff.
  • Automated phone dialer.
  • Multiple phone numbers allowed for each staff person or client.
  • Custom ‘Call Centers’ to record calls made and replies.
  • Reports can be printed or sent to a file for emailing.
  • Post available shifts to your web site for nurses to check.
  • QuickBooks interfacing.

To quickly become familiar with Staffing Logbook, it is suggested that you go through the tutorial. This will show the basic functions and features of Staffing Logbook (the last items dealing with QuickBooks are only for those intending to interface with QuickBooks).

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