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Edit an Employee

  • Open the Employee Form by choosing Employees from the Forms menu.
    Edit an Employee image 1
  • Select the desired employee. The employee’s name may be entered into the search box above the employee list. If you want to search by First name, click on ‘First name’, at the top of the First name column.
    Edit an Employee image 2
  • If the employee has been marked Inactive, click on the ‘Show Inactive’ checkbox. Inactive employees will be shown in red, as shown below.
    Edit an Employee image 3
  • After the employee has been highlighted by clicking on them, click on the Details tab to see employee information.
    Edit an Employee image 4
  • Required fields are shown with a shaded background. If any changes are made to the form (Email address had been added below), Save and Cancel button become visible at the bottom left; see below. If Cancel is chosen, all data reverts back to what it had been.
    Edit an Employee image 5
  • To access more employee information, click on the Work tab:
    Edit an Employee image 6
    On the Work tab, you select the Areas that the person works in, and the Clients that they can work for. When all changes have been made, click on the Save button to save your updates.

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